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  Acra Machinery 5 Axis                        
                           Established in 1973. Acra provides the CNC and conventional machine tool industry
                                             A complete line of Milling Machines (Knee & Bed); Precision Lathes;
                                              CNC Mills (Knee, Bed and Machining Centers) and CNC Lathes.

Acra is the U.S. distributor for Frejoth --
One of the top manufacturers of both CNC and manual bench lathes, precision engine lathes, knee mills and bed-type mills in Taiwan.
Frejoth has been in business for over 45 years and has sold approximately 50,000 machines worldwide.
Many Machine Tool Builders use Frejoth iron then incorporate their own control and put their name on it.

*Multi Sided Machining
Saves time without having to change setups

*Total FEM Analysis
Finite Element Analysis gives an extremely rigid machine casting
which helps maintain the outstanding accuracy of this high performance machine.

*Linear Guideways
Gives you rigidity, accuracy and rapids.

*Range of Spindle RPM's
Depending on the model machine you can get 8,000, 12,000, 14,000, 16,000, 24,000 spindle RPM's

*Heidenhain, Siemens or Fanuc Control
iso G-Code programming Using Graphic Programming, Coordinate Transformation, TCPM, Nurbs Programming

*Large memory for part storage. With todays CAM systems programs can be 16 MB long or larger. Dripfeeding
information is clumsy when you can load a complete program and run from memory. Some CNC builders give you
only 256KB of memory. Acra gives you RAM and Hard Drive.   

*Other features include optional Color Monitor, High Speed machining, USB, AC Digital Drives
Feedrate Overide Knob not 10% pushbuttons, 6" spindle cartridge,  40MM Ballscrew, Extra Wide table
Rigid tap, Chip Auger, Ethernet, Full X, Y,and Z guarding

Typical delivery 90 - 150 days

Arch City Service  St Louis, MO  314-638-1227  800-746-9550  

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The latest technology torque motor manages the "B" Axis continuous swivel milling head.
Allows maximum movement dynamically and linearity giving smoother finishes.

"B" Axis swivel milling head incorporates a large swivel range up to 120 left and right angles
Using TCPM, Tool Center Point Management, so the tool remains on the contour.

*Different configurations and heads

Trunion Table with Rotary Model AHSM-250U

The UMC1000 model uses a "B" axis swivel head
Either vertical or horizontal and anything in between

Bridge Machines use a head that incorporates both Horizontal and Vertical Tooling
or a complete swivel head
or an indexing head

Machines available with or without a Rotary Table in either the Z axis or X axis
With Acra you are just not limited to a single model. You can get the machine that fits your needs

Arch City Service

314-638-1227   800-746-9550

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