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  Fryer CNC Machine Systems :Since 1982                        
                          When you service CNC machines for a living you listen to customers
                                            and learn what they like in CNC machine tools.

Offering quality machinery at competitive prices with superior service and support to our customers.

*Siemens Controls on Machining & Turning CentersConversational Controls, large memories, USB, Handles 5 axis that few controls can

*Using FANUC 0i controls on Machining & Turning Centers The industries most used and reliable control
Known for their 15 year average uptime. I have had controls, drives and motors last 20 to 30 years without a failure

*Other features include High Speed machining, PCMCIA cardslot, AC Digital Drives
Feedrate Overide Knob not 10% pushbuttons, 6" spindle cartridge,  40MM Ballscrew, Extra Wide table
Rigid tap, Chip Auger, Ethernet, Glass Scales, Full X, Y,and Z guarding
Using both Linear Guideways for faster ipm's and Box Ways for rigidity

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You know you bought a bad CNC when:

*Fadal- Lower corner of screen has the words
            "Etch-A Sketch" on it
*Haas- For a better RS232 connection, salesman sells
             you a set of rabbit ears
*Mazak- To start it you need some jumper cables
               and a friends car
*Cincinnati- The "quick reference guide" is
                      120 pages long
*Daewoo-Tech support number is a New Jersey Applebee's
*Mastercam- Failure is not an option
                      it comes bundled with the software
*Mori Seiki- Whenever you turn it on all the
                        dogs howl
*Makino- Make a small ritual sacrifice
                  before turning it on
*Hardinge - Spindle Load meter consists of two
                  Miller High Life cans tied to a Die Hard battery.
*Okuma- Sure our machines suck
             but they are expensive as hell
*Hurco- Maintenance manual has only one
              sentence "Good Luck"
*Milltronics- The only chip in the control is a Dorito
*YCM- Breakthrough: It finally booted on the first try.
*Bridgeport- Excellent addition to your
                         paperweight collection

*Asking if a CNC can think is like asking if
  a submarine can swim
*To the competition:
   May the bugs of many programs nest
   in your Hard Drive
*CNC science:
   Solving todays problems tomorrow
  or next week
* State-of-the-art: any CNC you can't afford
   Obsolete: any CNC you own
*The last person that quit or was fired
   will be held responsible for everything
   that goes wrong
*Programmers don't suffer from stress.
   They are carriers.

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*Real CNC Machinists don't eat quiche.
  Real CNC Machinists don't even
  know how to spell quiche.
  They eat Twinkies, Coke and
  palate-scorching Szechwan food.
*Real CNC Machinists don't bring
  brown bag lunches to work.
  If the vending machine sells it, they eat it.
  If the vending machine doesn't sell it,
  they don't eat it.
  Vending machines don't sell quiche.
*Real CNC Machinists don't believe 
  in schedules.
  Planners make up schedules.
  Managers "firm up" schedules.
  Frightened operators strive to meet schedules.
  Real  CNC Machinists ignore schedules.
*Real CNC Machinists don't read manuals.
   Reliance on a reference is a hallmark
   of the novice and the coward.

CNC Laws:
*Whatever happens act as though you meant to
*When you get to the point where you really
    understand your CNC  it is obsolete
*When the tough get going, upgrade
*For every action there is an equal and opposite
*He who laugh lasts probably made a backup
*If at first you don't succeed, blame the CNC
*A complex CNC that does not work invariably is
   found to of evolved from a simpler CNC
   that worked perfectly (Fadal)

What do you say to a CNC operator in a
three piece suit?
Will the defendant please rise?

Doing it right is no excuse
for not meeting the schedule.

The only thing good about "standards"
in Machining is that there are so
many to choose from.

*To err is human, to forgive
   is not company policy.

*A clean Shop is the sign of a broken CNC.

*Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into G-code.

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